Easy Ways to Buy a Used Car through Auction

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Participating in car auctions is one of the easiest ways to buy quality used vehicles at an affordable price. Be it traditional onsite auctions or participating in an online auto auction, you always have options to pick your favourite car at the fraction of the original price. When it comes to online bidding, some of the leading websites offer a wide range of inventory, from where you can choose and bid on your favourite vehicle. However, you need to exercise caution as many online auction portals are unreliable. To avoid fraud, it is ideal to carry out proper research to learn about various auction sources. This post contains five types of auctions, through which you can pull off your favourite vehicle. Here they are:

Government and Police Auctions

Government agencies often seize vehicles from their owners due to foreclosure or bankruptcy. Police impounded cars are also listed for auctions when their original owners fail to retrieve them. Bidders can choose from a wide range of hatchbacks, sedans, and wagons at a low price. You can also find commercial items such as cars, trucks, trailers in reasonably good condition through salvage vehicles for sale.

Bank Owned, Fleet Lease or a Repossessed Car Auction

Buying bank owned cars is another way of buying low-priced vehicles. These vehicles have been confiscated by banks from people who are unable to repay their loan amount. Subsequently, these vehicles are put up for auction at an affordable price. Fleet lease cars are those used by taxi service providers, construction companies or rental services companies. They usually sell off these cars periodically through auto auctions at a low price tag. Repossessed cars, on the other hand, are the ones seized from people who resort to fraudulent practices for shunning car loan repayments. Repo companies sell these cars at auto auctions.

Tow Auction

Hundreds of cars are impounded every year in various cities all over the US. Approximately two-third of these cars are handed back to their original owners and the rest becomes city properties and are sold at auto auctions in low price range.

How to get the Best Deals in the Online Car Auctions

Finding the best deal out of several options is an uphill task. You have to research on the car you are seeking to buy and learn about its original market price, odometer reading for mileage, and its roadworthiness. In this way, you may save a significant amount of money for repair and maintenance.

How to figure out if an auction website is authentic

The dynamic digital world has its own flipsides, and one of which is mushrooming fake websites that are scamming unsuspecting buyers. The same is applicable to online auctions where some websites either don’t disclose complete vehicle information or provide fake data to attract customers. When choosing an online auto auction portal, look for the following features:


  • Easy registration process
  • If there is any deposit fee, it is refundable
  • The site provides complete transparency when it comes to providing vehicle information
  • A wide range of inventory
  • Facility of personal car inspection
  • Shipping assistance

Before investing your hard-earned money, keeping in mind the above pointers can save you a substantial amount and hassles. On top of it, also check the website’s ratings and customer reviews to assess their track record.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a used or salvage vehicle at a low price, one of the best options is to buy from online vehicle auctions sites. As stated earlier, a genuine auction portal provides complete information to prospective buyers with all the relevant information such as original market price, estimated repair cost, VIN, damage type, and other information. Learning about the complete vehicle history can help you make an informed decision.

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