Take your Branding to the Next Level with Custom Vinyl Graphics

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Whether you are an established local business or a franchise chain, investing in branding imagery can help achieve your business goals. Engaging graphics give your business visibility, which is one of the most important factors to gain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Among the many options businesses have for branding, custom vinyl graphics represent one of the most cost effective avenues. Printing your brand name, logo, products, and services on vehicle graphic wraps allows you to connect with potential customers, located even in far off places. This is because the vehicle will be on the road and will carry your flag wherever it goes. Continuing the discussion further, let’s take a look at the factors that define branding imagery.


Before you consider developing custom vehicle graphics, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of the particular visual. You must know what your customers want, what is being sold by your competitors, and have the answers to all other related questions such as the intonation to use, the format of the messaging and other finer details.


Colors play a key role in deciding the impact of an image, and are always an integral part of your brand image. Various independent researches have shown that people can recall brands by just looking at the colors or combinations associated with them. Therefore, when it comes to developing vehicle graphic wraps that can promote your brand, products, or services effortlessly, choose your colors wisely.


Basic geometric shapes have universal influences on the human brain, which transcend cultures and geographies. Combining the right shapes with the right colors can help you drive value and generate particular emotions. Therefore, select the shape of the element in the imagery appropriately and generate interest in your targeted audience.


Symbols are the combination of colors and shapes. Branding using pre-existing symbols allows businesses to work on specific emotions and feelings of their audiences and help them develop their brand. You too can try using pre-existing symbols in your commercial vehicle wraps, to connect your business with potential customers.


This archaic quote by Leonardo da Vinci “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” holds its ground, even in this modern and glittery era. Some of the best brand logos and imagery are remarkably simple. Nike’s swoosh, for instance, or colored Google lettering, McDonald’s “M,” or cursive Coke script – all are simple yet sophisticated examples of world-class branding. Incorporating the right colors, shapes, and symbols in a simplistic manner, therefore, is a safe way to go.


In the increasingly-competitive business world, sometimes, it is all about being different. Whether you are a small business or a known brand, you need to capture people’s fancy. Even with the best-in-class products or services, you need to create a unique identity in your domain. Therefore, use effective and high-quality imagery when designing custom vehicle wraps for your commercial automobiles.

Final Words

Wrapping commercial vehicles with vinyl graphics can help create awareness about your business and products. Designing engaging vehicle graphic wraps, however, requires a lot of planning if the aim is to promote your brand. When you have decided to invest in custom vinyl graphics, research for a wrap company that has an in-house team of designers who can take care of your branding requirements. This will ensure that you will get custom wraps that not only keep your vehicles safe from everyday abuses, but also help you connect with your target audiences.

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