5 Ways to Keep Off Weight Post Bariatric Surgery

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An increasing number of patients suffering from morbid obesity face a common challenge post bariatric surgery– sustaining the weight loss results. More often than not, people get off track from post-bariatric surgery diet, and the result is visible around their waists. Though a bariatric surgery in Perth or anywhere in the globe can provide the desired weight loss, keeping weight under control lies entirely the efforts of the patient. Continuing this discussion, the blog post discusses five ways for people to keep off the belly bulges, post bariatric surgery.

1. Start a Food Journal

Starting a food journal can help in keeping a tab on the daily calorie intake, thereby sustaining the weight loss results post bariatric surgery. Moreover, a food journal helps a person in paying close attention to the food and the portion sizes they are consuming in every meal. In addition, it builds a sense of responsibility and accountability in choosing foods, so as to keep off any item on the menu that can add up to the weight.

2. Join a Support Group

Sustainable weight loss goals can easily take a backseat post bariatric surgery, once binge eating takes over. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the motivation to avoid weight gain post bariatric surgery. Though joining support forums are not an alternative to post bariatric surgery that needs to be followed, still can provide a platform to share weight loss results among the participants and exchange valuable information in the form of exercise and diet tips.

3. Include Extra Protein and Less Fat

Consuming a low fat and high protein diet may assist in sustaining the weight loss results for years, without requiring another bariatric surgery. People undergoing bariatric surgery need to redefine their relationship with food and include leaner proteins in their diet that help in feeling full in a limited portion size and assist in curbing the menace of binge eating. Moreover, lean proteins also help in building muscle mass along with keeping a tab on excess calorie intake.

4. Carry on Nutritional Counseling

The results of bariatric surgery are evident, even up to five years post surgery. Within the duration, there may be a need of switching diet plans in order to facilitate adequate weight loss results and avoid overstraining the stomach. Therefore, under no circumstance should a patient step down from nutritional counseling post bariatric surgery. By maintaining a nutritional counseling schedule, patients can ensure they are never off track with their prescribed diet and weight loss results are permanent.

5. Keep a Tab on Alcohol Consumption and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to complications, both before and after the bariatric surgery. Therefore, their use should be discontinued or either limited post bariatric surgery after consulting the bariatric surgeon. Abstaining from alcohol and drugs can limit the complications of bariatric surgery and lead to permanent weight loss results.

The Bottom Line

Even after hitting the desired weight loss parameter post bariatric surgery, a person can still regain weight in the absence of physical activity and exercise. People leading a sedentary lifestyle are often the first to regain weight post bariatric surgery, due to less or no control over their eating habits. Therefore, it is important to develop a healthy lifestyle and practice healthy eating habits, and include diverse exercises in the daily routine.

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