3 Common Sliding Door Repairs that Homeowners Encounter

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Sliding doors are mostly installed in decks, balconies and patios as they provide an easy outdoor access and blend with the interiors of the house. If, for instance, there’s a picturesque view outside, sliding doors are the most appropriate option than other types of doors available in the market. When you have a couple of these doors installed in the house, it is imperative to learn about the common issues that you may face and how to fix them. Seeking the help of sliding glass doors repair professionals is although the most reliable way to repair the door, we discuss a few DIY techniques for minor problems.

Broken or Dirty Rollers

The rollers installed on either side of the sliding door make the movement easy. If the door doesn’t open or close smoothly, there are chances that the rollers either have an obstruction or need repair. Dirt, leaves and sticks usually obstruct the movement of rollers, so you need to clean them to rectify the issue. If you notice cracks or bends on rollers, there’s a need to replace them. Sliding doors with metal rollers might need frequent replacement as metal is prone to rusting.

Rollers Out of Track

If rollers jump out of the track, the sliding door will move out of alignment and opening or closing it will be impossible. If the screws holding the rollers become loose or move out of track, it might be difficult to operate the door. You can either tighten the screw or replace the missing ones to bring rollers back on the track.

Broken Glass

Broken seals, burglary attempt, weather and even pests could shatter the glass of the sliding door and leave a gap. Replacing a pane is difficult as you need to break the seal around the window pane, remove the remains of the glass and install a new pane. Leave this kind of job to an expert to save time and reduce the chances of injury.

Last Few Words

Regular upkeep of sliding door is necessary, especially when you don’t wish to encounter problems at midnight or during an emergency. Spraying lubricant on rollers not just help them move easily, it could also prevent minor problems of the door going off-track or jamming. Before repairing the sliding doors yourself, calculate the money, time and risk involved in the project so that you aren’t at loss. If you aren’t sure of the success of the repair, calling a professional for the job is always the right thing to do.

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