4 Tips to Achieving a Flawless Skin with Makeup Blender Sponge

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If you have a flawless skin is in mind, foundation blender sponge is an indispensable tool in your makeup arsenal. Whether you are using a makeup blender sponge for the first time, or using it since ages, knowing the right trick to use it can help you achieve a smooth makeup finish, while enhancing the self-life of your foundation applicator sponge. In this post, we have discussed some basic makeup tips that you must keep in mind when using a makeup blender.


1. Wet Makeup Blender Before the Use

Although many face makeup blender sponge can be used dry, it is always advisable to wet the tip before application, to avoid unnecessary makeup absorption. A damp sponge allows the product to sit at the top for easy application, without absorbing it.


2. Blend Well

While applying makeup remember not to drag the face blender sponge against the skin. Rough strokes of blender not only leave visible makeup streaks, but also cause unwanted breakage and gashes in the tool. That said, it is always advisable to use the beauty blender in bouncing motion to spread makeup over the skin. Bouncing the oval makeup sponge provides flawless touch to the skin and gives even look to your face.


3. Be Wise with Colors

Beauty blenders are available in different colors however each color serves a different purpose. If you are not wearing makeup regularly, signature pink sponge works wonders on your skin. Whereas, if you are a regular user of dark foundations, self-tanners, and bronzers, opt for the black or any dark shade oval makeup sponge. Due to its dark color there won’t be any visible stains on the blender. For people who have sensitive skin, it is always advisable to use a white blender made from moisturizers that keep the skin hydrated and active.


4. Avoid Toxic Solutions

Foundation blender sponge works well with an array of beauty products ranging from liquid creams to powders. It is, however, advisable to avoid products made of strong toxins such as alcohol and acetone. All such products have synthetic chemicals that affect the quality of your skin. Moreover, these products also prevent the long and effective functioning of your beauty blender.

Wrapping up

Foundation applicator sponge is a staple makeup tool of almost every woman makeup kit. This revolutionary product has become indispensable for women who do regular makeup and want a quick crease free look. That said, always purchase a makeup blender sponge from a reputable brand. Last but not the least, keep these tips in mind every time you use a makeup blender.

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