5 Reasons to Buy a Blender this Christmas

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A quality blender is a perfect addition to your kitchen this Christmas. The appliance takes care of tasks such as chopping, mixing, pureeing, and crushing ice. Out of the numerous brands available in the market, KitchenAid® Diamond Blender can be an ideal pick. The blender features a robust motor, stainless steel blades, and electronic controls that create a powerful vortex for fast and efficient blending. Most e-commerce sites will offer deep discounts on blender and other appliances during Christmas 2016 online offers through their promotional campaigns. This is an excellent opportunity grab an offer to buy this versatile appliance and make your Christmas truly “foodelicious.”

1. Diamond Blending System

Blending system and make of the blades define a blender. The KitchenAid® Diamond blender has stainless steel blades and a powerful diamond blending system, which smoothly blend all the ingredients in no time. Adding to the powerful blending system, the blender is powered by a robust motor, BPA-Free diamond pitcher, and electronic controls that work together to generate a powerful vortex for excellent blending results.

2. Intelli-Speed Motor Control

Speed is key to the functioning of any blender. Fast movement of the blade produces a powerful vortex, essential for exceptional blending results. The product by KitchenAid® is equipped with an Intelli-Speed Motor Control, owing to which it can maintain optimal speed to crush and mix all ingredients effortlessly.

3. Soft Start Feature

The KitchenAid® Diamond Blender ensures perfect blending because of its Soft Start Feature. The speciality of this feature is that the motor starts working at a lower speed so as to pull food into the blade and quickly intensifies to the selected speed setting. This gentle acceleration minimizes ingredients splatter, which is otherwise common with lots of other blenders.

4. Stay-put lid with Ingredients Cup

The KitchenAid® Diamond Blender comes with an ingredients cup that enables you to add ingredients in the blending jar in accurate quantities. The stay-put lid holds onto the jar opening tightly, eliminating the risk of ingredients spilling out of the jar.

5. 4-Speeds and Pulse Mode

The 4-speed motion of the KitchenAid® Diamond Blender allows you to chop, mix, liquefy, and puree ingredients with ease. Its pulse mode suits all blending speeds for optimal blending. In addition, the blender comes with a crush ice feature that pulses periodically to give perfect ice crushing results, together with a hot foods function that begins slowly to blends the hot food and gradually accelerates to blend thoroughly.

Wrapping Up

Boasting innovative controls and features, KitchenAid® Diamond Blender allows you to crush ice cubes to make smoothies, as well as puree and blend soft fruits to prepare extra-thick shakes. Additionally, you can trust the blender to chop, grind, and thoroughly mix ingredients with minimum splatter. Make most of Christmas 2016 online offers by buying a KitchenAid® Diamond Blender for easy and efficient blending results.

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The Guide to Buying a Stand Mixer

The Guide to Buying a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is although more expensive than a hand mixer, it is undeniably easier to use and much more functional. Buying one could, however, be confusing, considering the multiple options available with different features, capacities and wattage. When you are investing a significant amount to get more convenience in the kitchen, make sure you are buying the right product. The blog post guides you through different pointers to consider when looking for kitchen stand mixers. Usage Intent The primary consideration should be how you intend to use the stand mixer. If you bake for social events or a large family, you need a mixer with powerful motor and at least a 7 qt bowl for a 6.9l machine. Do not buy a large stand mixer if baking needs are small, as it might make the whole thing cumbersome. Power Performance and Capacity - Caution This basic rule, however, does not apply in some cases. Some models might consume more wattage and still not deliver adequate power output. Think on the lines of capacity instead of only looking at the wattage. Some manufacturers also provide capacity guidelines such as the number of cups of flour for kneading, which could be useful if you plan to bake in large quantities. Features to Consider Some of the features to look for in stand mixer are: Overload protection to prevent motor from overheating and overloading of jar Opt for an all-metal construction as it is durable 10-12 speeds are average in stand mixers Look for the model that has at least three standard attachments - whisk, beater and dough hook Prefer the mixer with a motor that ramps up to the speed to protect the unit The most functional models are the ones with hubs for connecting optional accessories Search for the models that have warranties for longer periods Do Not Miss - One essential feature of a stand mixer is how well it covers the area inside the bowl. Mixers with Planetary Mixing Action, such as the Artisan and Classic range from KitchenAid have dozens of touch points per rotation, allowing thorough ingredient incorporation in the bowl. Higher the number of touch points better is the mixing and whipping capacity of the stand mixer. Know the Limitations Even a high-wattage mixer might have certain limitations and problem in handling stiff dough. If the motor becomes sluggish because of the dough, it means the mixer is not built to handle such denseness and capacity. You need to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to learn more about how to operate the mixer when kneading such dough. Another thing that you need to remember is that all stand mixers might not come with built-in overload protection, which means you can’t run them continuously for long periods. Stand Mixer Accessories Many stand mixers come with optional accessories such as spiralizer, slow juicer and pasta maker and maker or vegetable/meat grinder.  These accessories increase the price of the mixer; however, they reduce the need to purchase more appliances and you can easily make everything at home. Remember that these accessories might need sufficient operation power, so consider their power level before making a purchase. Last Few Words When you buy a stand mixer, you need to know that there is a price difference between the base model and higher-priced one. The base model, however, is low on performance than the high-end models that have a spiral or rotating action to cover wide mixing areas. The expensive mixers also have an all-metal construction and would be more durable. Keep all these factors in mind when choosing a kitchen stand mixer, and you would surely end up purchasing the product that is right for you. ...read more

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